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Graphics and screencaps of ~yishui
21, 90210, a fine frenzy, alexa chung, almost famous, amanda seyfried, amélie, animation, art, artist, au revoir simone, banner, banners, belle de jour, beverly hills 90210, billie piper, breakfast at tiffany's, brokeback mountain, caillebotte, camille pissarro, cassie ainsworth, chuck, clouds, cold mountain, cougar town, cougartown, craig ferguson, desperate housewives, dexter, effy, elephant, eloise at christmastime, eloise at the plaza, emma watson, fandom, fandoms, film, films, fun, garden state, georgia o'keeffe, gif, gifs, gossip girl, graphics, greek, grey's anatomy, harriet the spy, harry potter, hell's kitchen, hermoine granger, himym, icon, icons, impressionism, leighton meester, lost, man in the moon, manet, marie antoinette, mary cassatt, merlin, miranda, modern family, monet, monk, movie, movies, nature, oil, painting, photoshop, pierre-auguste renoir, private practice, psych, pushing daisies, renoir, robin hood, ron weasley, samantha who, science of sleep, screencap, screencaps, scrubs, secret diary, seinfeld, sex and the city, she and him, skins, sofia coppola, spirited away, spongebob squarepants, stock, stock icons, taylor momsen, television shows, the big bang theory, the city, the hills, the king of queens, the mentalist, the middle, the misfits, the princess bride, the royal tennenbaums, the secret life, trinity, true blood, true life, tslotat, tv, twilight, ugly betty, under the tuscan sun, van gogh, wallpaper, wallpapers, weeds, wild things, will & grace, without a paddle, wtwta, zach braff, zooey deschanel